Bored on the Fourth of July 2013

A great piece by my dear friend ClaudiaJustSaying…..


Aging & Attitude


We had been to the beach in the morning, a barbeque in the afternoon and now we were walking to the Town Green for the fireworks.  Mr. Wonderful spies a stone wall spot wide enough for two fannies, and inquires of the boy sitting next to his family, “Are these taken?”

The space is available; we sit and attempt to get comfortable on the hard rock.

The kid has a sour face and being a Grandma, I poke him with my elbow and say in a friendly way, “You don’t look happy.”

“I’m bored,” is his response.

“What’s wrong with being bored?”  I ask. “It isn’t an illness; people get bored, great ideas are born in boredom.”

His perplexed look is memorable, not rude and I continue talking. “How long have you been bored?”

“A few minutes,” he mumbles but sits up, straightens his back.

I have…

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