It’s Salad Day

Today it was salad for lunch.  From time to time I think about giving up on gardening here in Central Florida.  Usually the heat and bugs hit so heavy by July 15 or so that you have to wrap it up.  And that gets frustrating,  But in the last 24 hours I’ve picked green beans, jalapenos and banana peppers – and that makes me realize that it’s all worth it.

green beans

Today’s pick from one row in my little Florida garden.
Photo credit: Words Etc.

If you’ve ever grown green beans, you know there is nothing like fresh – from the garden to the steamer, saute pan or pot and then to your table, all within an hour, can’t be beat.

today's salad

Today’s salad that included my fresh picked yellow banana peppers.
Photo Credit: Words Etc.

Today’s lunch was a salad of a variety of things from my fridge along with a wonderfully aromatic and flavorful portion of sliced banana peppers. Most summers I pickle these delightful peppers, mixing them with red peppers, garlic and spices.  You’ll find the recipe and pictures here. Picking them and adding them right to the salad can’t be beat.  So crunchy and fresh – there’s nothing like it.

And this year, the bugs that usually devour my tomatoes before they even begin to turn red have decided to take a hiatus.  Perhaps it’s because the lizards have returned.  A few years ago our cat Paper Clip decided that lizards were her favorite prey.  And as the number of lizards tumbled, the bug population grew.  But not this year – at least not yet – it’s early.  I guess Paper Clip has had her fill for a while.

Our cats, Paper Clip (bottom) and Susie, love hanging out in the screen room!

Our cats, Paper Clip (bottom) and Susie, love hanging out in the screen room!
Photo Credit: Words Etc.

OK, so the garden hat and basket of tools will remain a part of me for yet another season.


3 responses to “It’s Salad Day

  1. Gardening is worth it !

  2. I’m very jealous…just saying