Eleven Lords a leaping – maybe they’re drinking??

Relax today with a wine spritzer! Photo credit: Words Etc.

Relax today with a wine spritzer!
Photo credit: Words Etc.

It’s the 11th day of Christmas – Christmas Eve. I’m tired, but pleasantly so because this evening my family will gather at our home to launch our Christmas celebration culminating with Christmas Dinner tomorrow (that’s my Day 12 post – something I’ve never prepared before, but am looking forward to the new adventure).

Anyway, back to today. It’s pretty relaxed around here. All the decorations are hung, the gifts are wrapped, a Christmas prayer has been said and I’m ready to relax. So this afternoon it will be time for a quiet spell in front of the fireplace to watch my tree and sip on a simple wine cooler before the chaos begins!  One of our guests will be a 100+ pound granddog-  Zoey.  Add that to our own dog and two cats, and it’s sure to be fun!

But back to the drink.  Keep it easy and remember it’s all about the glass and presentation! 

Start with a nice large wine glass.  Add an ounce or two (or more!) of your favorite wine.  We made ours with Barefoot Pinot Noir last night.  Add a few ice cubes and mixer of your choice.  We actually like it with Sprite Zero, but any lemon-lime soda, ginger ale or club soda works great.  Add a queeze of fresh lime or orange juice along with some sliced fruit: lemon, lime, orange, strawberries even apples  — totally your choice.  But keep it simple and relax!

Thanks so much for reading my blog during this special time of the year.  I have really enjoyed these Twelve Day of Pudbudder; it’s been a therapy of sorts for me as I’ve taken a break from my usually work of  résumé writing.  For me food writing doesn’t feel like work as I truly enjoy it.  It’s been great sharing some of my favorite holiday time recipes with you……

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I wish you happy times with family and friends. 

 See you tomorrow for that final “Twelve Days of Pudbudder” post!


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