A sweet spicy family tradition


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Sunday  morning I shared a  picture on Facebook of one of my annual cooking sessions for Sweet Spicy Plum Sauce. I promised more pictures; you’ll find them at the end of this post!  Making this sauce is a family tradition that goes back for years.  It seems particularly special because the original recipe calls for Italian Plums (often dried into prunes) that are only available for a a few short weeks in September, so if you miss that window of opportunity when the small sweet fruits are available, you’re just out of luck until next year.  That seems to make this homemade concoction even more precious. But I admit I made this batch from Red Plums that enjoy a longer season.

Now you could try making this sauce with a canned variety of plums, but to me it’s all about getting in touch with nature and working with fresh ingredients, rather than something out of a can.  BTW I’ve also finally started creating my own vanilla with vanilla beans and vodka.  Nothing like it!

I’ve tweaked this plum sauce and often will use the Red Plums that you will see here.  They have a a longer season and are also easier to work with since they are larger and you don’t need to pit as many of the fruits to get the necessary amount of fruit.  I start with 5 lb.  The original recipe calls for 10 lb, but I’ve found that it is just too much fruit to work with at one time.

The original recipe was handed to me from my brother back in his restaurant owner days.  My husband and I come from families where cooking is part of our traditions.  And this delightful sweet sauce is one of those great traditions.  We enjoy it with chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, egg rolls or anything that is complemented by the sweet savory flavors of plums and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. I remember when my children were little, they would even use it on meatloaf.  Not one of my favorites, but they loved it. For my vegetarian and vegan friends, this recipe fits into their eating requirements with the only ingredients being plums, sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.  I haven’t yet tried it with Agave, but it is one of my goals.

I’ve shared the recipe only with family and special friends,  But if these pictures entice enough of my readers, I just may give in and share my process.

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